Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I threw away the Bac-Os…

So last night I made “Cheesy Bacon Ranch Burger” Hamburger Helper for dinner (remember this is not the blog where you learn how to be Pinterest mom of the year) and they suggested adding bacon crumbles as a topping, so I did… sort of. You see I didn’t have bacon crumbles and I sure wasn’t going to cook bacon to crumble it, so I just threw on some Bac-Os. Something about it just wasn’t right though. I don’t know if you have ever read the ingredients for Bac-Os, but there is basically nothing real in them, just a few ingredients that slightly resemble something that once came from a soy bean and caramel coloring. The Bac-Os left me longing for something more, REAL bacon!

It’s a lot like that in our own lives, don’t you think? We play at this idea of being a Christian but sometimes it seems that there are no real ingredients there, just some stuff that slightly resembles religion. If we truly want to be “Mom Enough” and have a Godly home, we MUST start with ourselves! So how about it, is your faith REAL? Not sure? Look at your ingredients list to find out. Where do you spend your time? How about your money? Even more telling, how about your thoughts? You see these are our ingredients and they tell everything about us just like the ingredients list on the back of a package.

I can see so many of you rolling your eyes at the screen already. You think you don’t have time for Godly thoughts, or reading your Bible, or praying. REALLY?? The God of all creation died on the cross for you and you don’t have time?? Don’t get me wrong I’ve been there and used every excuse in the book too, it’s just that somewhere along the way, someone challenged me to put away the excuses and become REAL. It is because of that challenge, that I challenge you today.

So what does REAL look like? I don’t have every answer for you. There is not enough space on the page or time in the day, but I can tell you very simply where to start. 5 minutes. That’s right, start with 5 minutes every day that you dedicate to God. Talk to Him like He is sitting next to you and then read a couple of verses. Then turn the 5 into 10. Each time you spend time with Him, ask for His presence in your life. You will find that if your heart is in this request He will honor it, and before long your shallow Christianity will have become something so REAL to you that you simply cannot exist apart from it because it is who you are.

You want to be “Mom Enough” to have a godly home? Throw away the Bac-Os.

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